gankingghouls replied to your post: i use windows, and your blog doesn’t have a scroll…

im not the anon but yeah your theme is screwed up on my computer too like i cant see any of your posts at all on your actual blog, there is no scroll thing idk how to explain it

wtf. i love my theme tho i don’t want to change it :(((

is anyone else having problems?

  1. ikhor answered: I tested it on Chrome, Firefox and IE. It looks great except in IE, so if they want to see your blog they better change their browsers.
  2. ikhor replied:
  3. gankingghouls answered: aw yeah it might just be my computer or something idk its okay!!
  4. romeoandjulietfan said: it looks fine on my computer
  5. wolvesrine answered: Nope, looks totally okay to me
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